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Certificate of Excellence

The Royal Hotel was most recently awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in the serving of Cask Ales. The awarding body ‘Cask Marque’ is an independent company funded by brewers, pub groups and trade bodies with the aim of improving beer quality through an accreditation scheme. The Cask Marque award itself is an award for pubs which serve excellent quality cask ale.

The accreditation process requires an assessor to come to the site over a month period, to try out samples from every beer on the bar at The Royal Hotel. Each beer is then given a mark out of 20 for clarity/taste/temperature and aroma, each section worth 5 points. The Royal Hotel was pleased to achieve a high score for the assessment of which, General Manager Damian Atkins is exceptionally proud of,


“It’s a great reflection of the service and quality product we offer at The Royal Hotel. The idea of obtaining a ‘Cask Marque’ accreditation is fundamental to us as a business. Showing that we offer our customers quality beers and a pat on the back to us for knowing our stuff! Obviously, there are always areas which we can approve on, which we will, of course, keep working on, but for now, let’s celebrate this great achievement so far!”


The Cask Marque plaque will shortly be displayed on the walls of The Royal Hotel. As if you needed any other reason to visit us, now you know you will be getting a quality pint every visit, cheers to that!


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